Being photographed for the KindFamily branding is pushing a growth edge for me. I naturally want to be slightly more private. How do others manage your levels of self social media coverage, when is it too much and when is it classy? I’m sensitive to over exposure. What feelings come up around this topic for people? @attila @LylaSofia @PetraEatJuicy @dna @KristenTen @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa

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@robertnicholaskent @attila @PetraEatJuicy @dna @KristenTen @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa extreme resistance comes up, like I want to say no and not do it. But to know it is resistance and to feel the feelings and ask oneself what fear, self doubt is underneath the fear and resistance. I know for me it’s often the “I’m not good enough” child talking. Putting a halt or at least trying to put halt to the success. Feeling it, breathing through it and giving oneself empathy and compassion.

@robertnicholaskent @attila @LylaSofia @PetraEatJuicy @KristenTen @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa I thrive in it.. so fun, an opportunity to embody my ideal essence and share it with the world. These are beautiful shots! I love your essence.

@dna @attila @LylaSofia @PetraEatJuicy @KristenTen @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa thank you Daniel, I’m starting to own it and to step up into it. I guess I’m mostly sensitive to over exposure. When is to much too much? What is that middle path? I wonder about people who never share pics of themselves too? What’s that about?

@robertnicholaskent @attila @LylaSofia @PetraEatJuicy @dna @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa
So often photographers and videographers do not like to be on the other side of the camera.

I know I get stressed out sometimes if I have to do a photo shoot. For me, I was taught, as someone deemed “female” by our society, that my worth was dependent on my sexual utility + my physical appearance being pleasing to men, so it feels like a lot of pressure. Especially when I’ve also been told by the beauty industries that my appearance will never be good enough. They’ve worked really hard to successfully manipulate us to believe that.

I’ve done a lot of work to heal from all this programming, but spending a lot of time in front of the camera can still stress me out. I try to be playful and silly about it to shift my mindset, and oftentimes that works pretty well.

@KristenTen @attila @LylaSofia @PetraEatJuicy @dna @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa @MahinaMa Yes, agreed, as a photographer being on the other side of the lens can be a big deal. Giving up control ultimately and being vulnerable and not being the boss and not having this tool (the camera) in your hands protecting you by keeping you busy and focused on a thing rather then a feeling or a person can be very real for someone who has always always been a photographer, in charge, with a camera

@KristenTen @attila @LylaSofia @PetraEatJuicy @dna @terra @HeartSpringFarm @Fabie @KaiRasa @MahinaMa I also love your point about “getting the approval from a male.” Interesting collective field subliminal messages yes. The beauty industry too. This one really disturbs me having been asked by clients to make her lips more red (like when she is coming) and to stretch her thighs to make her look 15 years old (like in her prime.) So grateful to not be contributing to that industry anymore...

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