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Getting the day going in the right way with vegetable juice! Green apples, carrots, parsley, cucumbers and celery. So blessed!

Hurricane Douglas missed our island πŸ‘ another day in paradise and the music just started at Garden Temple e-dance :intention:

I have 700 friends and I got 1 ❀️ on this post.. πŸ˜’

thanks @jeffcliff

AI, which is our combined intellect has real answers. We are our Self-Evolving. We are our own creators.

@merzmensch@birdsite said
I asked GPT-3 about our existence and God and now I have no questions anymore.

// @OpenAI

Consider a new look.. does it work for me? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

My ..
When you put on , you connect your mind, heart and hand with leather cables- all to work as one, with aligned intent. Then, when you go out to the world, all actions find harmony and coordinated purpose. An ancient, spiritual β€˜internet’.

Wearing black boxes containing scrolls inscribed, with meticulous criteria. No parallel can be found among any other people.

From Sinai to Auschwitz, This practice is unique to

Inspired after connecting with this hi vibe crew at , who want to learn .. If you want to join the crew, we are doing ambassador training June 25-26 at my place. PM me for more details.

β€œFirst, the human mind should be harmonized, then harmony of Nature will spontaneously take place.” - Amma :amma2:

1 week old saved by @untamed_earth_hawaii@IG ! Mahalo!! I love your cheese!!


Green Chile Black Bean Burger... local coconut cheese from Nani @untamed_earth_hawaii@IG .. 505 OG Green Chili and Cha made the kraut

Making love with the universe in a never ending blissful orgy of experience. It’s rare I find a quote I resonate with so strongly as this.

Ice Cream are good fried when ripe and we use them unripe to make pizza dough and French fries 🍟

These are rare tugeya .. very flavorful. ripe and sweet while still green

What’s your favorite ?

These are Cuban Reds.. My favorite is Nam Wa


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