Aloha beautiful beings in the alternative inter~web social media spaces!! What are you creative beings up to lately? I truly believe EVERYONE is creative- and that it is our very nature. I create sacred music (I produce it entirely on my own) and art and love communing and working with the elemental forces of nature and plants. I recently released my 9th music album, entitled "Sacred Spiral." And in a few more days on the 21st I will be releasing another one, entitled "Let it Flow. "! What else can I say but I pray these songs will inspire, awaken consciousness and motivate all who listen to explore more deeply the vastness of beauty within and any and all aspects of self that need healing and integration. Blessed Be.
With Love,
Mary Isis


@robertnicholaskent With regards to purchasing my music~ You can purchase from my bandcamp, from itunes, amazon, etc...( I am not printing CD's anymore to not contribute to more plastic waste- everything is digital!) In my opinion- STREAMING music is where its at!
I use Spotify.

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