Kindness inquiry, take 2!
What are three ways could you be KINDER to YOURSELF?
My responses:
1. Get more REST/Sleep
2. move my body/Dance more often
3. write/journal more

Inquiry on Kindness....
Think of three ways you are KIND to YOUR SELF.
We need our cups to be full so that we can kindly share with others, right?
my responses:
1. I make myself healing baths (last night I made myself a "mermaid bath" with seaweed/kelp- it was amazing!!
2. I have been getting massage/acupuncture (thanks unemployment $ for helping me to be able to do this!lol)
3. I make time to sit at my altar everyday and connect with source in prayer, breath and loving awareness.

Aloha Kind Book Family!! I have a couple of questions for you.
The first it: What has been inspiring you lately? Well it might not be too surprising for you but for me, its been music! I have had a recent resurgence of love for Celtic Music! Its just really been striking some deep chords (pun intended) of ancestral remembrance for me. I am even feeling inspired to record some covers of old folk songs from my Irish/Scandinavian/German ancestry (which I would be sharing on my PATREON page).
My second question is: What is your primary way of listening to music?? For me lately it has been Spotify.I was resistant at first to the streaming services but now I can't imagine life with out it (thats dramatic, i know). Remember the days of buying CD's, Cassette tapes even?? relics of the past!! I have really been feeling so grateful that I have the opportunity to have at my fingertips SO MUCH music- and I've been discovering new music all the time too.

Aloha beautiful beings in the alternative inter~web social media spaces!! What are you creative beings up to lately? I truly believe EVERYONE is creative- and that it is our very nature. I create sacred music (I produce it entirely on my own) and art and love communing and working with the elemental forces of nature and plants. I recently released my 9th music album, entitled "Sacred Spiral." And in a few more days on the 21st I will be releasing another one, entitled "Let it Flow. "! What else can I say but I pray these songs will inspire, awaken consciousness and motivate all who listen to explore more deeply the vastness of beauty within and any and all aspects of self that need healing and integration. Blessed Be.
With Love,
Mary Isis

As that classic song sings, "What the world needs love, sweet love...."
During our first official zoom meeting we had a great sharing regarding what can make it challenging for us to be kind (to ourselves or others). A common response was our own basic needs not being met- such as being overly tired, hungry and not having enough self-nurturing time/space. If our own cups are empty, how can we expect to be present, with or for others?
I had the idea, that we integrate into our daily practice more awareness around our commonality/unity and that each of us are on our own unique healing support of being able to be more kind and compassionate with others.
Take care of yourself everyone!

How are you kind to yourself?
How do you show yourself you care for your wellbeing- mentally, emotionally and physically? Do you "talk" kindly to yourself and if not, why do you think that is? Everyone of us still has a child within, even if we are grown, and we have the sacred opportunity to show that child within us all the love and kindness we truly deserve simply because we are HERE, living and breathing. Because we exist- we are truly worthy. Art by Willow Arlenia

We are living in transforming and healing times that are calling us to our full presence to each play our vital roles in the whole and share the gifts of our souls... our presence is truly our gift to the world and to each other. The more we can realize our interconnectedness and see ourselves in the other and the other in ourselves, Kindness will be become a natural behavior , but until then we must practice , heal, rewire, reframe and re-member who we truly are. art by Autumn Skye

Aloha. Greetings KindBook! This is my first post and I want to open up this new space of sharing and reflecting with a prayer/hope/wish/intention:
May we meet our lives with kindness, with presence, heart open, so that we may experience fully our existence; so that we may understand ourselves and each other better and with more compassion and tend to whatever wounding that we have acquired as a result of living in sick society that is in the process of breaking down and renewal. to be cont...


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